Why does a medical DR… produce sales videos?? Pt2

Why does a medical DR… produce sales videos?? Pt2


I chose to do military,


It was a chance, of seeing a life that few got to see,


It was an experience in a different world.


I was drafted into Reconnaissance


We viewed ourselves as an elite force


Light infantry – in a world full of tanks, drones, planes and bombs


After the first exhausting day, I read the graffiti below the bunk bed above me


“Welcome to Hell”


While other things in life has been mentally challenging, this was as close to being in a physical hell that I’ve ever been.


With all my energy spent, I would sit on the train home, an 8 hour trip with nothing to do but to ponder life.


Infused by lingering dread I would be on an equally long return journey, after the weekend.


Military service lasts for a year.


I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.


16 hours of thinking time every – or every second week.


I thought about the people I cared about.


I thought about what I could do for the world.


I thought about setting a goal that could that I could always fight for.


I thought about my mother having cancer.


I thought of never having the chance to meet my grandfather.


Slowly, and gradually, over several weeks, months, I decided that I would like to solve it all


Cancer. Alzheimers. Heart attack. The loss of our loved ones.


Once my mother passed away, i remember the feeling.


It felt nothing at all.


Where once there was warmth and love.


Now there was nothing


I remember her struggle


Fighting against invisible bonds, trying to gasp for air with cancer-ridden lungs


Like being under water, while you’re in fresh air


The panic in her eyes shattered my heart


As I dropped the flowers down into her grave


As the warmth left our home


As our home, turned into a house. A building. A practical facility.


I didn’t see the point of it.


In the movies, a death seems to have a purpose.


In religion, death is but a doorway to somewhere else.


But this was just empty.


Yesterday she was here.


Today she wasn’t


All her things remained.


But she was gone.


Her old clothes smelled like she used to smell,


But she wasn’t just around the corner.


Not anymore.


I knew what I wanted to do.


I wanted to fight this pointless death that eventually destroys us all


I wanted to go into science


I wanted to come up with the next miraculous cure, that would let you see your children, grandchildren, grand-grand-children…


All with your health intact


With your life safe, warm and strong


…I applied for medschool


I would soon be taking my first steps, down the fascinating and transfixing road of medicine

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