Why does a medical DR… produce sales videos??

That is quite story, it is the story of the past 11 years of my life.

The part of my life that was my own.

As you grow up, you have these guidelines that sets you up to arrive at a predetermined destination.

Suddenly and abruptly, the railroad you were bound by… stops.

And you could veer of in any direction.

From being firmly, and BY LAW, held in place, controlled by your parents, required to report to school every day, at the same time according to a strict routine – to suddenly being a loose cannon.

We teach kids to memorize words, mathematical formulas, historical facts….

…but will this really make them an adult?

Will this really help them evaluate which of the millions of directions available, that they should go for?

In the western world we honor freedom above all.

But does that really make someone happy?

I’ve seen with my own eyes, that having to pick one path among many, can paralyze people.

How could you ever know, which one is the best?

It’s literally impossible.

It’s a insane statistical calculation at best.

Left up to chance at worst.

And for many, the only thing that can make them choose is the steadily encroaching reality.

Expenses, bills to pay.

Forced into choice, we go for a short term solution, without taking in the entire picture.

We take the first steps on a path, that we think will last a day, but end up being our whole life.

For me, it wasn’t like that.

For me, I didn’t have that stress.

I had an unlimited amount of time to consider, and try to make the best choice

Of how to spend my life.

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