Why does a medical DR… produce sales videos?? Pt3

Why does a medical DR… produce sales videos?? Pt3



Such a privilage


I was learning about my own body, How my OWN BODY worked.


How come this isn’t something every single one had to learn…?


We ALL have a body


Most of the time it works alright


But sometimes, there’s an issue


I could not believe that this all this I was learning wasn’t common knowledge


I was fascinated, and in love


I was in love with a girl who changed her career, to become a nurse because she too became enchanted, by my excitement, as I told her about my every day.


But it was soon time for what I had been anticipating the most.


The Thesis term. An entire term dedicated to science, delving into lab-practises, medical journals, and making our own small contribution to the ever evolving medical field.


I remember the first time when I was going to look in the microscope to see how my chemical compound had affected the growth of neurons.


Could it be? After years and surely billions of dollars spent on countless projects, could I have the cure to Alzheimer’s?


My eyes would be the first to see.


There were butterflies in my stomach alright, as I peered into the microscope.


…Unfortunately, I did not discover the cure to Alzheimer’s that day.

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