An additional 100% Conversion

So this is a study where the owners of a website played around with different placement of their video.

They tried three different placements

  • A plain website without video

  • Their website, but with an embedded video

  • Their website, but with a video popup

Now, video is quite engaging – it’s like an active decision you have to do to stop watching it, while on the other hand, it feels like an active decision for most people to delve into a wall of text, without already being at least partially sold.

The theory is, that the more exposure you give the video, the more people will be sucked in, and the more people will have had their interest peaked enough to continue through the website.

Now, what they were interested in collecting was email contacts of potential early adopters of their service. The first testers, the first customers, and hopefully the first advocates of their awesome service. So, in order to measure the effectiveness, they measured how many of the visitors on their page that voluntarily signed up using their email.

The results showed:

Without video: 6.5% average conversion rate

With video embedded in page: 11% average conversion rate (69% conversion lift)

With video popup: 13% average conversion rate (100% conversion lift)

As expected!

Looking at their data, at periods of time however, the embedded video performed equally as well, or even better, even if the end results showed that the video popup was more effective. The webpage without any video at all performed worse throughout the test than either of the other alternatives.

Worth noting is that today, their webpage features an embedded video. While the pop-up proved the most effective, most likely having a more classy style of a webpage -without the popup- was the winning alternative for branding purposes as well.

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